About Us

My name is Lincoln Wilmore and this is my story. I am an African American young man who was raised to love myself and my culture and to understand the power of my voice, words, and actions. As I continue to embrace and learn the truth of our American history and its stolen land, stolen people, and stolen labor. I yearn to learn the truths and facts of my African American history. Despite the many deceptions, untruths, and misconceptions, what I know is that We Are Amazing!


As a 13-year-old, 7th-grade class assignment, my personal development teacher asked the class to be creative and share the meaning behind our cultural identity. I reflected on who I was, why I was, and why I saw the world the way I did. I wanted everyone to experience and embrace my culture through my lens and experiences. With a clear focus, my objective was to uplift our strengths, resilience, and brilliance. "Being Black in America" was created.


I was very nervous, but I shared my poem with my small class with confidence, and it was well-received! Later, I was also asked to read it during an all-school assembly. I concluded it by saying, "being Black in America means, We Are AMAZING!" The overwhelming chant, especially from my African American schoolmates, was, "you better tell me I'm amazing!" Yes! They got it! They were inspired and reminded of their greatness!


I soon received invitations to speak at other schools, churches, community meetings, and city officials. The poem inspired a local photographer and filmmaker to produce a short film to uplift a larger audience. As a result, this film has become a global conversation for schools and groups. Click here to view: Being Black in America and an article in the South Seattle Emerald. As a result, I wanted to share this inspiration with all as I created my brand called We Are AMAZING 365.